TurboTax Invites You to Celebrate Your Amazing Year by... Doing Your Taxes?

It's Not Paying the Government, It's Reviewing Precious Moments

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It's a new year -- which means some companies and brands are more likely to advertise than others. Gyms are covered, thanks to a new brand campaign from Equinox that broke New Year's Eve. But what about the industries that aren't so sexy -- like companies specializing in tax software?

TurboTax does the seemingly impossible, with a funny, entertaining new spot by Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, that puts a twist on the universally-hated ritual of doing your taxes, reframing them as a way to look back on a year, a year in which you made important decisions like making donations to charity, having a baby, getting a new gig, or maybe getting married. It's all done via feel-good imagery, accompanied by a voiceover that manages to imbue wide-eyed astonishment. Did you find your one true love this year? What an amazing thing it was, if you really think about it, that you picked out your soulmate from all the hundreds and thousands of people you interact with throughout your life.

It's the first creative from Wieden for the Intuit company, and the spot, which was directed by Lance Acord out of Park Pictures, debuted on New Year's Day during the Rose Bowl broadcast. In the coming weeks, the brand will introduce new pieces of work for a brand campaign called "It's Amazing What You're Capable Of."

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