Chipotle Hits Hulu With Debut of Satirical Series 'Farmed and Dangerous'

Four-Part Show Makes Debut on Feb. 17

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Chipotle is back with a new branded-content push, but this time it's going all-out with a series to launch on Hulu. "Farmed and Dangerous" is produced by the fast-casual chain and New York-based production company Piro. The trailer introduces us to the PetroPellet, a petroleum-based animal feed that will help you cut out entirely the cost of growing and transporting feed.

Sound far-fetched? It is -- but that's the point. The four-episode series, which will air on Hulu and Hulu Plus starting Feb. 17, is a no-holds-barred look at the dark and twisted world of industrial agriculture, which goes to any length necessary to keep costs down and keep moving product. While it won't outright feature Chipotle or any of its products or restaurants, the message is clear: Eat at Chipotle, because it doesn't have anything to do with that scary world.

The series follows the brand's successful content plays, the award-winning "Back to the Start" from 2011 and last year's "The Scarecrow," both produced by CAA. It stars Ray Wise of "Twin Peaks" and "Mad Men," who plays fictional industrial giant's Animoil's spin master who must grapple with the fallout when a video purportedly showing the (hilarious) effects of PetroPellet goes viral. Eric Pierpoint ("Parks and Recreation"), John Sloan ("Grey's Anatomy") and Karynn Moore ("Water for Elephants") also star. Chipotle CMO Mark Crumpacker, brand voice lead William Espey, Piro partners Daniel Rosenberg and Timothy Piper are executive producers. Mr. Piper, the former Ogilvy Toronto creative who wrote and co-directed "Dove Evolution," also directs.

The series promotion includes "Farmed and Dangerous" drink cups and poster (see below).

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