CNN, Google Partner on 'Campaign Explorer' for Deep Dive Into Election Data

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Google/CNN Campaign Explorer

CNN and Google have collaborated on "Campaign Explorer," a website created by production company B-Reel that takes data related to the presidential election's advertisements, spending and travel, and presents it in a graphic, interactive format.

Using HTML5, the site incorporates data from CNN's API, and presents it in a variety of ways. Users can click on a map of the United States to break down what each presidential candidate is spending in each state. The site also features a statewide breakdown of CNN's "poll of polls," showing which candidate is leading where. Information on ad spending, fundraising and travel -- to see where candidates are spending their time -- can also be found. Users can take state "snapshots" to compare states and share information on social networks. The data includes money spent on TV ads on a state and market level, as well as money raised on a state and country level. Super PAC and group or committee spending and fundraising is not included.

Meanwhile, JetBlue's "Election Protection" campaign, which offers to fly you out of the country if the candidate of your choice doesn't win, has Obama with 57% of the "vote." Check out that , and other election-related brand creativity, on Creativity, and follow @creativitymag on Twitter for more great work.

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