Corona Teams with Astronomers to Transform Moon into Wedge of Lime

Earth's Satellite Aligns to Become Perfect Beer Topper in Innovative Billboard

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Is it co-incidence that the moon, when captured on a certain night, looks exactly like a wedge of lime, perfect to top off your Corona? Of course not.

The brand has launched a fun billboard in New York City that hopes to capture the orb at the precise moment it descends onto the bottle placed on the board, in the precise shape of a lime wedge. The billboard was created after consultations with astronomists and professors, and is placed at the perfect location to create "Luna Corona," which will happen only twice.

The video shows it happening for the first time last month, but if you want to catch it again, the moon's coordinates will place it in that perfect alignment on Saturday, June 15, between 8:45 and 11:00 p.m., at 15th St. and 9th Ave in New York.

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