Counting Down the Best Ads of 2013: Smart Use of Vine by Lowe's

Creativity's Top 2013 Picks: Here's No. 2

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Until New Year's Creativity will be counting down 2013's best moves in brand creativity. Check back in tomorrow to see who took top honors.

No. 2 in Film/Video: Volvo's "The Epic Split"

This epic split by Jean-Claude Van Damme might have been this year's musical moment. Because it wasn't Van Damme's strange position, atop two Volvo Trucks, that made this spot the most-viewed automotive commercial on YouTube ever. It was the brilliant placement of Enya's "Only Time." The spot was directed by Andreas Nilsson and created via Forsman & Bodenfors. The ad was filmed in Spain, on a landing field, in one take, and might be the best of Volvo's live tests, which have included a hamster steering a truck and a vehicle trying to outrun some bulls.

No. 2 in Print & Design: UN Women's Google Autocomplete

This campaign for UN Women (the gender-equality arm of the United Nations) made headlines around the world thanks to its shocking use of Google autocomplete search terms to highlight the prevalence of sexism around the world. A series of print ads, by Memac Ogilvy Dubai, used genuine autocompletes from Google (done on March 9th) with the words "women should," "women need to" "women shouldn't" or "women can't" are typed into the search engine. The horrifying results include searches such as "women shouldn't vote", "women need to be disciplined" and "women shouldn't have rights."

In a statement, Ogilvy Art Director Christopher Hunt said: "When we came across these searches, we were shocked by how negative they were and decided we had to do something with them." UN Women is now asking Twitter users to debate the campaign using the hashtag #womenshould.

No. 2 in Integrated/Interactive: Lowe's Vines

The year began with the launch of Vine, Twitter's six-second, looping video-sharing app. It was only a matter of time until brands jumped on the new technology, but we think one of the best efforts was by Lowe's and BBDO New York, who created a series of Vine videos that featured home-improvement tips -- like using pillowcases to organize sheets, or removing stripped screws.

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