Creativity Best of 2012: A Fridge Magnet that Orders Your Favorite Pizza

Connected Device Gives Red Tomato Customers Instant Access to Their Favorite Pies

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red tomato pizza fridge magnet

From now until New Year's, Creativity will be counting down the best creative brand ideas of 2012.

Among them is this clever invention out of TBWARAAD Dubai for Red Tomato Pizza -- a fridge magnet that orders your pizza for you. The device was given to some of client Red Tomato Pizza's most loyal customers, with their favorite orders preset. A push of the button places an order, and if customers' favorites changed, they could switch those up online. It makes us yearn for a future filled with intelligent web-connected objects that will mean we never have to leave our couches again.

Check out more on how the Red Tomato Pizza ordering magnet works here, and to see what came in at No. 10 in the print and television categories, head over to Creativity

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