Creativity Best of 2012: DirecTV's Comedic Feast and More

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Until New Year's Creativity will be counting down 2012's best moves in brand creativity.

At No. 3 in the television category is one of ours -- and Bill Clinton's -- favorite television campaigns of the year. Grey New York made DirecTV a household name with its "What if" campaign, where each spot started off with the premise that you didn't have DirecTV, and how awful (and weird) your life became without it. It was hard to pick just one spot of the infinitely watchable campaign, so check out the rest here.

At No. 3 in the interactive and integrated category is Sweden's innovative "Curators of Sweden" social media campaign, which put a different Swede in charge of the @Sweden Twitter account and let them tweet whatever they wanted. Conceived by agency Volontaire, the aim was to show how diverse the country was. What made it great was that it was completely uncensored, and no limits were placed on the voices that were chosen to represent the country.

Curators of  Sweden

And at No. 3 in the print and design category was Oreo and DraftFCB's delightful "Daily Twist" campaign, which brought the iconic black-and-white cookie into modern-day relevance using the cookie to represent current events. It kicked off June 25 with a polarizing image of the cookie, stuffed with rainbow-colored filling to celebrate Gay Pride Month, and continued for 100 days with daily iterations, through October.

Oreo's daily twist

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