Drench a Boy Band in Interactive Video for 'Toilet Power Balls'

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TBWA Italy -- and you -- get a boy band wet in this hilarious interactive video for Henkel's "Bref Power Active 4-in-1" toilet power balls. Toilet power balls, you ask? Yes, they happen to be four balls you hang from the side of the toilet, each one with its own special cleaning power.

The video features The Balls Dream Boys, trapped in cages and constantly on the precipice of getting doused with water by the user, via a handy chain pull off to the side. As you watch and pull, the boys get increasingly drenched, and stripped of their clothing until finally, the film reveals their relevance to the product.

Although CD Hugo Gallardo doesn't reveal whether or not the shape of the product led to the idea of unabashedly using beefcake to tout it, he does say that the campaign targets young females. Although the campaign was created in Italy, it's aimed at multiple countries, with the site's buy button leading to various Henkel online stores.

Seems like World Toilet Day, which was Monday, has brought out plenty of toilet-related creativity. Toilet-cleaner Domestos drew attention to the 1 billion people who don't have access to private restrooms with a public sculpture that lets you "take a virtual crap," right next to London Mayor Boris Johnson's HQ. Check it out on Creativity -Online.com, and follow @creativitymag on Twitter.

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