Fans of 'Breaking Bad,' It's Time to Play 'Betting Bad'

This Fan-Made Game is Fantasy Football Meets Television Meets NCAA Brackets

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AMC will debut the last season of hit show "Breaking Bad" August 11, but if you're a really good fan, maybe it's time to satiate your appetite for Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the crew out in New Mexico with "Betting Bad."

The site (made by fans, not endorsed officially by the network) lets you make bets on what transpires in the final season and also compare predictions to other people. Scenarios range from "You'll see Walt Jr. eat breakfast," and you'll hear Jesse utter his trademark, "bitch" to more shocking possibilities such as Hank murdering Walt.

Each correct bet wins points, and you only get 30 bets to make. Once you make your predictions, you can connect to Facebook and share them with friends and other fans. You're allowed to edit bets up until a certain time, then then website turns into a giant leaderboard. The prize is... well you'll have to watch the video above to find out.

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