Forget the Noise, Electrolux Introduces Vacuum That Plays Music

New Model Emits Notes While Sucking Dust

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Household goods manufacturers are forever coming up with ways to make vacuuming less noisy. You can vacuum listening to your iPod, or buy a super-quiet model. But this is surely the most interesting one we've seen yet. In Japan, Electrolux and agency TBWA/Hakuhudo has come up with a special edition vacuum cleaner called Ergothree Play, which plays music while it cleans.

The Ergothree Play is a special model with sensors inside its nozzle that detect dusts as it vacuums, playing notes as it rhythmically sucks up the particles. Electrolux hired four dancers to put on a special musical performance which will feature in a TV commercial.

The first 5,000 users to share the video on Facebook or Twitter can receive limited-edition downloads of the ergothree song.

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