Kevin Bacon Makes a Bacon Sandwich in Hilarious Ad for UK Mobile Network

Six-Degrees Celeb and Chef Jamie Oliver Face Off in YouTube Battle

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The largest mobile network in UK has been using Keving Bacon in its ads for some time now, usually playing on the theme of "six degrees of Kevin Bacon." But this is the first time the marketer has tasked him to cook bacon in a commercial.

In this video by Poke -- designed to demonstrate the speed of EE's 4G service -- Mr. Bacon competes against TV chef Jamie Oliver to make the best bacon sandwich. One one assume that Oliver has the edge ... but not so in the technology age. His video speed slows and starts "buffering", which allows Mr. Bacon to race to victory (coolly remarking that "bacon don't buffer"). It's a clever use of YouTube to get the brand's message across and an entertaining spot.

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