Want to Know Who Gave You the Flu? Help Remedies Has an App for That

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Help Remedies flu app

If you've got the flu, finding out who gave it to you might make you feel better. Tool of North America and design-minded OTC healthcare company Help Remedies present "Help, I Have The Flu," a new Facebook app that analyzes your friends via keywords, posts, and check-ins to find who has the flu -- so you can track them down and let them know what they've done to you, or avoid them completely for a few days. The app also lets you send a message to your guilty friends that advises them that they won't be enjoying your company for a little bit.

The brand has been churning out great work for a while now. It was responsible for one of our favorite ideas of the year, "Help, I Want to Save a Life," which included a blood marrow donor kit along with its "Help, I've Cut Myself" bandages.

It also set up a pop-up shop in Washington D.C. during the Presidential Election to help relieve the ailments of everyone in our nation's capital. The shop included "Living Windows" to show how Help products can help with aching bodies, nausea and other ailments. The team also handed out "Help, I'm Nauseous" packages at Republican headquarters after Election Day. Check out pictures at Creativity -Online.com, and follow "@creativitymag on Twitter.

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