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Mag Launches 'bbw Gets You Ahead' for Parents of Kids Living at Home

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Millennials are having a rough month. First, Joel Stein lambasted them for being "narcissists" in a widely-derided Time Magazine cover story. Now, Bloomberg Businessweek is trying to get them to move out of their parent's houses and land a job.

Walrus created this interesting site, which lets parents co-habiting with their millennial kids send them a colorful, passive aggressive e-card, then fill out of the form to send them 12 free issues in print, or via the iPad. The magazine is clearly hoping its content will do enough to give the kids an edge, and send them on their way.

However, there's also the option for you to send yourself the free issues, or to send them to a friend, relative or significant other. The site notes: "While giving millennials grief is highly entertaining, we want to acknowledge that the woeful state of the economy is not their fault. These free issues and ecards are intended to help a generation that could sure use a hand, not to blame them."

There are also cute, colorful paper cards sold in some Papyrus stores for parents who want to handwrite a note to their mooching children.

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