Google+ Helps Same-Sex Couples Marry Live Online, Via Hangouts

Friends, Family, and a Belgian Mayor Witness Ceremony

Published on .

France recently passed a seminal law legalizing gay marriage -- and Google and Ogilvy Paris would like to think they had a hand in helping that happen.

Before the law was passed, Ogilvy, along with with non-profit org Tous Unis Pour L'Egalite, created the "first social same-sex marriage," getting same-sex couples in France to get married via Hangout. Presiding over the nuptials was a mayor from Belgium, where same sex marriage had already been legalized, thereby giving the marriage at least symbolic meaning.

Google Hangout's new feature, which lets 10 people get on a video call together, also let friends and family witness the moment, which was also broadcasted live on YouTube.

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