Get Your Granny On With Coke Zero's Ugly-Sweater Generator

Droga5 Invites Consumer to Embrace and Wear Kitschy Christmas Tradition

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Ahh, it's finally here. The season of awkward family photos and even more embarrassing holiday attire. Coca-Cola and Droga5 wholeheartedly embrace the year-end festivities with this super fun effort that allows you to create your own ugly Christmas jumper, the "Coke Zero Sweater Generator."

For the next two weeks, consumers have the opportunity to create the ultimate in tacky winter wear on the site. They have an array of colors, patterns and graphics to choose from -- everything from musical notes to reindeer to abominable snowmen and cooked turkey.

Participants are strongly encouraged to get the word out because the 100 sweaters with the most votes, come Dec. 1, will be handcrafted and sent to their creators in time for the holiday.

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