Guinness World Records' New Campaign Breaks Lots of Records

Client Shows Customers That There Are Records Waiting to Be Set Everywhere

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BBDO New York has a new client, and it's a fun one: Guinness World Records. Because setting world records is often not something the average man on the street can aspire to, for a new campaign, the agency decided to make an out-of-home set that ended up breaking some records themselves, or encouraging passers-by to do so. The agency wanted to show that records are all around you, just waiting to be set.

There was one poster that invited you to break the world record for staring at something. According to the board, an "observer" was on hand to make sure participants didn't look away during their turn, or check their phones. There's also "the heaviest poster ever," (on a 6-ton rock in a park) and "the smallest poster ever" -- printed in 0.8 point copy -- that needed a magnifying glass to view. Check them all out in the slideshow.

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