Intel Makes 'Intelligent Sounds' with a Band of Tablets

Original Track Played by All-Tech Outfit Composed of Robots and Devices

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Intel brings a whole new dimension to the world of music with this ambitious experiment out of Australia -- a band of tablets.

In an effort to demonstrate that its processors power more than just PCs, the brand tapped Sydney-based agency The Monkeys and production company Finch to create "Intelligent Sounds," a music-and-lights spectacle in which robots and an army of 60 Intel-powered tablets perform an original track created specifically for the campaign. The tune was made by up-and-coming producer Flume, aka Harley Streten, featured this year as a one-to-watch at SXSW.

The tablets perform a variety of roles, acting as controllers, displays and even the "conductor." Each "member" of the band was programmed to play on command when it was struck by a robot arm.

"It is commonplace to have tablets play your music, but it's rare to have tablets create them," said Jayan Murty, Intel's director of brand strategy and integrated marketing, Asia Pacific, in a statement. The brand wanted to show how its technology transforms tablets from vehicles for consuming music, into innovative new instruments for performing it.

See how in the behind the scenes video below.

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