During Internet Week Europe, Mother London Deprives People of the Internet

Five Digital Natives Will Go Cold Turkey for Documentary

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Social experiments featuring digital natives willingly giving up their smartphones for a few hours or days are all the rage these days. But Mother London is putting a bit of a twist on that with "No Internet Week," where five participants are forced to face their internet addiction by going cold turkey for a whole week -- seven days that also happen to coincide with Internet Week Europe (and which both Ad Age and Creativity happen to be sponsoring). The participants include a fashion blogger, a Mother strategist and a teenager, who began their digital detox today.

A camera team from the agency is following them around for the week and documenting their experiences. On the site, there's also a "support hotline" that will open up soon for the participants, so they can have some "offline sense" talked into them every time they feel they need a hit of some www.

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