James Cameron Can Put Arrested Development's Tobias Funke Anywhere He Pleases

In Netflix's Latest Push, Character Auditions Before Green Screen to Make Casting More Convenient

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Arrested Development's doctor-turned-actor Tobias Funke, played by actor David Cross, puts himself out there on green screen in order to land himself a job -- with James Cameron.

On the site www.insertmeanywhere.biz, which Funke purportedly created, he auditions before Cameron, and the rest of the interwebs, playing various characters from an Action Hero to a Motorcycle Ruffian. And, to make it more convenient for directors of the world, he does it all on green screen, so anyone can easily comp him into the scene of their choice. He's seeking his next role, after a successful run on a spot for a juice called ManGo.

Turns out the site is part of Ignition Creative's latest effort to promote Arrested Development's tie-up with Netflix. The agency has seeded the site to various influencers and created a Reddit account for Funke (BLUMN). There, you can already find some curious Easter Eggs like this and this.

According the Ignition's ECD Chris Eyerman, the agency conceived, wrote and directed the effort, while collaborating with show creator Mitch Hurwitz to maintain continuity between the campaign and the show. Beyond that , "David managed to make the entire effort magical," Eyerman said.

Previously, Ignition released these fun posters featuring the show's characters. Netflix and 42West also have sent the show's famous banana stand on a world tour.

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