What if John Lennon's 'Imagine' Came True?

Publicis Kaplan Thaler celebrates Anti-Defamation League's centennial with moving film

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To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Anti-Defamation League has released this stirring film created out of Publicis Kaplan Thaler that explores what would happen if the words of John Lennon's famous solo hit, "Imagine," came true.

In this fictional universe without homophobia, anti-Semitism and racism, the lives of world-changers like Anne Frank, Daniel Pearl, Martin Luther King, Jr., Matthew Shepard and Yitzhak Rabin are not cut short. Rather, they live on and continue their activism into old age.

All of the families of those featured in the spot generously gave their support for the film, including Yoko Ono, who, according to the agency helped secure the rights for Lennon's original "Imagine" track to be used in the film.

According to the agency, the project has been in the works for nearly a year, but just yesterday, Daniel Pearl's killers were arrested in Pakistan and on Friday, President Obama will be visiting Yitzhak Rabin's grave.

To pledge your own support, visit the ADL site to "sign up to create a world without hate," and head over to Creativity-Online.com for more of the best ideas in brand creativity.

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