Kit Kat Introduces New Website: The Future of Confectionery Has Arrived

Chocolate Bar Premieres a Sleek New Site that Pokes Fun at Smartphone Marketing

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Hot on the heels of its newly announced partnership with Android, Kit Kat has introduced a new sleek, sexy and mobile-themed website that both borrows from and satirizes smartphone and tech campaigns. Much like the candy's new "The Future of Confectionery" spot, which parodies tech commercials' frequent claims to present "the future of [insert industry]" through superior designs and features, the site playfully uses the mobile phone lexicon throughout, starting with a landing page that presents the "Kit Kat 4.4." As users navigate the site by scrolling down, they experience simple type, rich visuals and smooth transitions from one section to another.

Meanwhile, Microsoft-acquired Nokia's U.S. twitter page quickly initiated some smack talk here following the announcement of the new Android OS's branded name. But the image it used bears a remarkable resemblance to a 2012 print/display ad that JWT Mexico had done for the chocolatey treat.

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