From Flying Snot to Slimy Egg Yolks: Kleenex Shows Off Strength

Studiocom Puts Tissue to the Test in the Hands of Some Savvy Kids

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We're really loving how brands have incorporated science into their marketing. Google, of course is a long-time supporter of experimentation and recently, GE got into the game with its Vine science showcase. And now Kleenex and its digital agency, Atlanta-based Studiocom, have turned some insanely fun school projects into a platform for showcasing the product's strength with "Kleenex Xperiments."

Kleenex had approached Studiocom with an interesting challenge: create a back-to-school push promoting the brand's "stronger, more absorbent tissues." Problem was, "No one cares when a brand says something like this," said Creative Director Todd Slutzky. "It's basically a meaningless statement like 'new and improved.'" So the Studiocom team decided to put the brand to the ultimate test--in the hands of some science savvy kids. The agency went out to the top 100 science elementary and middle schools around the U.S. and asked them to come up with creative ideas to test the strength of the new tissues.

Ten of the schools took part, each backed by $5,000 funding from Kleenex. The Studiocom team then captured the most creative and compelling "Xperiments" on film. The experiments are featured no, and frankly, not only are the ideas impressive, but Kleenex really does manage to shine -- or rather, absorb -- in the face of the harrowing challenges, which include a fantastic snot-shooting Rube Goldberg machine, and a simple A versus B product demo, in which the tissues manage to withstand to weight--and slime--of 32 egg yolks.

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