Liquid-Plumr Releases 2014 Calendar Featuring Hunky Plumrs

A Year's Worth of Gleaming Smiles, Great Bodies and Advice on Drain Care

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Last year, one of the things that delighted us the most was Liquid Plumr Double Impact's sexually suggestive commercial featuring two hot young plumbers and a woman's risque fantasies. It was a viral hit, and Ad Age readers even picked it as the funniest viral ad campaign of the year.

Now, DDB California has decided to milk the phenomenon with the best stocking stuffer you'll ever download: The Liquid Plumr 2014 Hunky Plumr calendar, with 12 months' worth of gleaming smiles and great bodies, all wrapped up with really good advice on drain care. You can click through the images above and then download your own copy your own copy here.

Check out the original spot here:

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