The Muppets Are Live-Tweeting the Sferndy Boom (That's Swedish Chef for Super Bowl)

Fans Treated to More Muppet Content on Social Media

Published on .

Along with its adorable Terry Crews and Muppets spot airing during the Super Bowl, Toyota is delivering more cuddly giggles on social media to promote the Highlander -- as well as the Henson creatures' upcoming new movie "Muppets Most Wanted."

The automaker, along with 360i, is inviting fans to follow and interact with the Muppets by tweeting @Toyota with the hashtag #noroomforboring. The critters will be live-tweeting during the Super Bowl, or, as Swedish Chef calls it, the Sferndy Boom, and those who follow will be treated to various types of video and social content. The video here, just released today, announces the game plan.

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