Nokia Scares iPhone Users into Choosing the Lumia

Zombies Make Frightening Point About Apple Phone's Features

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iPhone users have been called and compared to a lot of things over the last year--sheep, fan boys, posers who don't know all the much about smartphones. The most agressive culprit, of course, is Samsung, but now Nokia is taking a stab. In this new spot for the brand's Lumia, the iPhone turns its users into zombies--but for reasons you wouldn't expect.

Along with any implications of mindless behavior, it's because the iPhone's camera flash make subjects of its pictures look kind of like the walking dead. In the spot, a noticeably tan male walking down a poorly lit street, late at night. Lights flash and red-eyed, pale, expressionless zombies appear out of nowhere.

One of the walkers nears the frightened leading man. The chalky-faced figure takes a threatening stance, with a black iPhone 5 in hand, and utters the only word heard in the minute and half spot: "Photo." The point of all this, of course, is to show how the Nokia has the better camera.

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