Sarah McLachlan Returns to Plead for Life of (Fictional) Pup

Audi Releases Second Super Bowl Teaser, Via Venables Bell & Partners

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Remember those old SPCA commercials featuring singer Sarah McLachlan, accompanied by puppies and their soulful eyes, that pretty much guaranteed to set you off on a crying jag as soon as they came on? Well, Audi does, and has released a second Super Bowl teaser that is clearly a clever, funny nod to those classics.

The teaser features Ms. McLachlan in a "Special Message" designed to raise awareness around a creature who needs your help -- the Doberhuahua -- who will be the star of the car company's Big Game commercial on Feb. 2. We're assuming it's the same pooch that scared off judges at a dog show in the first teaser.

Ms. McLachlan will also make what the brand calls a "comical cameo" in the Game Day spot, which, like the teasers, was developed by agency Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco.

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