If You Want to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, You Gotta Have the Right Batteries

Sears' DieHard, Y&R Midwest Join for Spectacular Spot

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In this thrilling ad for Sears' DieHard batteries, Y&R Midwest takes the familiar storyline of a couple being chased by zombies and turns it into something quite spectacular. Tool director Tom Routson gets behind the camera as a pair is chased down a dark alley by a writhing mass of brain-eaters. The hero -- who turns out to be a total coward -- gets away, leaving the woman behind to fend for herself. Thankfully, she knows the power of a trusted battery.

The plotline isn't exactly original; many marketers have gone down the undead route over the last few years, presumably inspired by the popularity of shows like "The Walking Dead." But this commercial's great direction, slick production and tight screenplay keep you guessing until the end. And since it's almost Halloween (and "The Walking Dead" comes back this weekend), you can never have too many zombies.

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