Only Sexperts Can Use Help Remedies' Latest Product, 'Help, I'm Horny'

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Are you a sexpert, well versed in the art of bedroom (and other-room) moves? Then Help Remedies might just consider you cool enough to use its latest product, "Help, I'm Horny." The design-minded OTC pharmaceuticals company has a new product in the prophylactic category, a package of two lubricated, thin, natural latex condoms that promise to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Like the girl you wanted but never could manage to get, "Help, I'm Horny" is picky -- the brand will retail the product only at "fine hotels," including select W Hotels, where, evidently, sex is bound to be wonderful. The product is placed in the mini-bar inside guests' rooms. Richard Fine, co-founder at Help, said that "the context in which you discover a product is extremely important," which was why they decided to go the hotel-distribution route for the new line, which he terms "more special," than a headache remedy. Other Help Remedies products are generally available in pharmacies.

Nathan Frank, the company's co-founder and CD, in a statement said, "We're not interested in making condoms for pedestrian, uninspired sex."

The other place you can get your hands on the product is on the site,, where interested customers can apply for approval by divulging their fantasies, commenting on past experiences, and reviewing erotic artworks. Individuals that pass the "rigorous" test will be given a link to purchase "Help, I'm Horny" online. And yes, it is actually a rigorous approval process, according to Mr. Fine. Three people are going to be charged with reviewing the application.

"We will award the product to those who have sexually inventive and impressive resumes," said Mr. Fine.

Exclusivity seems to be the latest tactic used by brands. Mustard brand Grey Poupon recently launched a new Facebook campaign where only fans who were identified as having "good taste" could "like" the brand on Facebook.

There was also Swedish contemporary art gallery Bonniers Konstall, which invited people to an event on Facebook, but told them that if more than 99 people agreed to come by 9 p.m., the event would be cancelled. Check out that work on and follow @creativitymag on Twitter for more great creative efforts.

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