SmartWater Exposes Jennifer Aniston's Most Shocking Secrets in New Video

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Jennifer Aniston should really do something about those security leaks. Just past a year after her "sex tape" was released all over the internet, Ryan Seacrest has managed to obtain security tapes from her house, and boy, are they shocking -- and unfortunately for the paparazzi -- completely fake.

The actress has hit it out of the park with another hilarious piece of branded content for SmartWater, which went live on YouTube today. The 2-minute-plus film opens with Mr. Seacrest declaring that an unknown source has leaked Ms. Aniston's home-security tapes, exposing all of the star's secrets, which include being pregnant and being a mom to a very petulant Jimmy Kimmel.

It's a clever creative move by the brand, made particularly brilliant by its timeliness, since it has been just a few weeks since Ms. Aniston announced that she was engaged to actor Justin Theroux, and the tabloids have been full of baby-bump speculation since. And best of all, the brand, SmartWater, is front and center in the film, since Ms. Aniston clearly can't live without it.

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