You're Stupid Because You're Hungry, Explains New Campaign from Snickers Russia

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Snickers offers a good excuse for those committing public acts of stupidity -- they were probably just hungry. In Russia, the brand and agency BBDO created a roll of 'Hunger Attacks' caution tape, made out of Snickers wrappers, and used it to cordon off examples of ineptitude, for example, bad parking.

The agency also encouraged people to find examples of public idiocy and handed out the tape so they could mark it off themselves. Civic groups were especially happy with the stunt, and the idea caught on quickly, according to BBDO Russia.

And clearly, parking is a real problem in the country. Previously, we also featured 'Parking Douche', an app that publicly named and shamed horrible parkers. At least Snickers' stunt is a little more forgiving.

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