Swedish Retailer Tests Holiday Tune Tolerance in New Online Campaign

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Jingle Bells your brain out in a new campaign from Swedish electronics store Pause. The campaign invites visitors to XmasCarolTorture.com to listen to the holiday tune for as long as possible. The longer they listen, the bigger the discount they get on a sound system.

The campaign was developed by Akestam Holst and on Dec. 21, the top three most tortured individuals will get the product for free. As the campaign puts it, "To get to audio heaven, you have to go through audio hell."

The effort is somewhat similar to Crispin Porter & Bogusky's "Whopperlust" campaign earlier this year which challenged viewers to stare at the picture of a Whopper long enough to win one on a dedicated interactive TV channel.

To make sure you were watching, it would prompt you to press a button on your remote once in a while. In the Pause campaign too, viewers have to click on a button when Santa says "Ho, ho, ho."

For more on this campaign, including full credits, visit Creativity -Online.com.

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