12. Kuntz & Maguire, MJZ

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A jones for comedy, of the broad or subtle variety, is key to understanding the directing team of Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire of MJZ. Former creative partners at Kirshenbaum & Bond in New York, their current commercials reel ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime. On the subtle side is a new campaign for Budweiser that features guys talking about women in a diner, or overtipping the waitress at a bar because she's gorgeous. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Fox Sports "Alan & Jerome" spots from Cliff Freeman & Partners and a Brit campaign for Bifi candy bars that is about as weird as they come. In the middle, of course, is Doug, the guy with the VW growing on his forehead like a giant zit. "We get a lot of comedy and dialogue stuff," notes Maguire, but he suggests that the duo's ambitions lie beyond even this comic curve. "We want to move into stuff that's a little more out there - like going from an Adam Sandler movie, let's say, to Wes Anderson or Todd Solondz."
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