13. Joe Public, Headquarters

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The directing team of Simon Cole and Adam Cameron, aka Joe Public of Headquarters, has jumped on the goombah bandwagon. In a new spot for Netflix.com, we see a bunch of wiseguys who don't quite know how to get rid of a body. Seems they haven't watched enough Mafia movies. "It's gotten hard to show low-life, aggressive people," admits Cole of advertising's new obsession with hoods. Since thugs are now associated with humor (think Analyze This, not The Sopranos), Cole adds, "it's easier for clients to accept." That the spot has a kind of grim twist - at one point the body, tucked in a golf bag, rolls off on its own down a fairway - doesn't seem to rattle Joe Public. Their 7 Up spot in which Orlando Jones replacement Godfrey hands out the former Uncola to a "captive audience" of jailbirds resulted in almost 50 letters of complaint from prison rape opponents, due to one or two caged-men gags. Cole and Cameron admit they like over-the-top stuff ("We've always thought we handled 'broad' in a subtle, delicate way," quips Cole), but now, of course, they want to show off different stripes. "It's nice to get famous for what you do well," says Cameron, "but you always need to show how versatile you are."
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