15. Jake Scott, RSA USA

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Jake Scott's "Move" spot for Nike was the hit of the Olympics, more talked about than the French figure skating judge. Some agency people see it as a return to the pure, heroic Nike advertising of old. "The reaction has been incredible," says the director, who shoots through the family-owned RSA USA. Scott says he consciously avoided visual tricks and gimmicks on this shoot. "I think there's a magical quality to it, which might explain the response." While interested next in exploring the realm of indie features, Scott has also dabbled in comedy commercials, but cautions it's not his strong suit. "Every time I see something by Fredrik Bond, I think I'm a comedic hack," he jokes. "It's a tough area, humor, but I'll keep refining my own approach as long as I'm asked. I'm more on the moody side, but as a director I must continue to confront my weaknesses and broaden my skills. It's more interesting that way."
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