16. Frank Todaro, Radical Media

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"I adore doing comedy, I love it," says Frank Todaro of Radical Media. Nevertheless, Todaro has begun to branch out, as recent work for John Hancock attests. In "Surprise," an aging boomer couple with teenaged sons discover they're preggers. "It's subtle, but still kind of amusing," Todaro notes. The woman in the spot doesn't find it so funny, though. As her mid-40s husband giggles at the thought of having a baby, she mutters, "Honey, this isn't a joke." And while Todaro can still crack you up - his casting in the Dunkin' Donuts "Surprise Party" spot is dead on - he's itching to stretch. A new campaign he shot for Coors Light in the U.K. is "completely different from anything I've ever done, very visual and fast-paced and cut to a thrash metal track," he reports. Meanwhile, he holds out hope that the distressed agency environment won't unleash more bad comedy ads on TV viewers. "People are not as willing to tell clients when they're wrong," he says. "What you end up with is a 'go for the Bronze' mentality."
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