8. Rocky Morton, MJZ

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In a way, Rocky Morton is not unlike that gruesome second head that a Dilbert clone sprouts in a twisted spot the director recently helmed for Mike's Hard Iced Tea and Cliff Freeman & Partners. "I wanted him to be kind of newly born, as if the whole world was new and interesting to him," he explains as to why he cast a baby-faced man to play the additional noggin that eagerly eyes a female co-worker's chest through rheumy eyes. Not that Morton himself is an ogler, but he notes that in order to endure in this business, he's needed a certain fresh-faced naivete of his own. "The key to success, I think, is to be constantly creatively open to new things, to always be looking for a way to reinvent everything." The London native actually developed his directorial roots studying animation in college and at his first shop, Cucumber, which he founded in London with his wife, Annabel Jankel. The two eventually became known for creating and directing that other memorable effects-laden head from '80s television, Max Headroom. The pair then went on to co-found MJZ in L.A. with David Zander. Ever since, Morton's work has largely been in the dark comedy/dialogue realm, apparent in spots for "Got Chocolate Milk?," Lexus and Fox Sports. Recent spots for Mike's beverages (which also include the apocalyptic "Apelike Men") have brought the director's prowess in effects back into play, but he insists that's not going to become his new shtick. "If it's connected to the character and the story, then I'm interested. I'm not interested in effects for effects' sake, because after that, the audience is like, 'So what? That was spectacular. What's next?' "
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