American's Top One Hundred Directors

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Here are the most highly regarded directors working regularly in the U.S., based on a poll of over 70 key figures from the agency creative and production ranks, as well as the commercials production industry. Anthony Vagnoni, former Creativity editor, asked respondents to list who they thought were the most talented and versatile directors working in the industry today, regardless of genre or specialty. The top 20 spots on the list were based on a grading system that included not only frequency and source of recommendation but also the strength of the director's current showreel and recent work, as judged by the editorial staff of Creativity. The remainder of the list, which is presented alphabetically, was determined by a careful analysis of the survey responses and a select number of interviews with top agency heads of production and executive producers. We've also included a separate list of leading pacesetters from the international scene, which comprises top-rated directors who work primarily outside the U.S.

Top Twenty U.S. Directors

1.Bryan Buckley, Hungry Man

2.Spike Jonze, MJZ

3.Dante Ariola, MJZ

4.Traktor, Partizan

5.Joe Pytka, Pytka Productions

6.Errol Morris, Radical Media

7.Dayton/Faris, Bob Industries

8.Rocky Morton, MJZ

9.Samuel Bayer, HSI

10.Baker Smith, Harvest

11.Mike Mills, The Directors Bureau

12.Kuntz & Maguire, MJZ

13.Joe Public, Headquarters

14.Kinka Usher, House of Usher

15.Jake Scott, RSA

16.Frank Todaro, Radical Media

17.Noam Murro, Biscuit Filmworks

18.Christopher Guest, Moxie Pictures

19.Jeff Preiss, Epoch Films

20.Paul Hunter, HSI

Top Ten International Directors

1.Frank Budgen, Gorgeous Enterprises, London/Anonymous Content

2.Jonathan Glazer, Academy, London/Creative Management Partners

3.Tarsem, Radical Media, London

4.Michel Gondry, Partizan

5.Paul Gay, Outsider, London/Omaha Pictures

6.Andrew Douglas, RSA, London/Anonymous Content

7.Fredrik Bond, MJZ, London

8.Daniel Kleinman, Spectre, London/Ritts/Hayden

9.Ivan Zacharias, Stink, London/Smuggler

10.Frederic Planchon, Academy, London/Creative Management Partners Special Mention: Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff, Jodaf, Sao Paulo/Paradise Productions n Louis Ng, The Film Factory, Hong Kong

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