Production Companies to Watch 2015

There's a Lot More to Come From These Burgeoning Masters

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Wilkinson-Sword: Sword Play Meets Foreplay
Wilkinson-Sword: Sword Play Meets Foreplay

Soon after it was founded last year by directing vet Michael Karbelnikoff, to build out its roster Alldayeveryday brought on veteran production talents Philip Fox-Mills, formerly of RSA, and Arrow Kruse, who also served at RSA, as well as B-Reel. In its short life, has already managed to turn out impressive productions. They include a fantastic, "swashbuckling" foreplay session for Wilkinson-Sword and JWT, directed by Lieven van Baelen, and a seductive caper directed by Michael Pitt, for Rag & Bone.

Still from Chris Milk's 'Evolution of Verse'
Still from Chris Milk's 'Evolution of Verse'

Virtual reality is one of the most fertile, yet daunting realms of production today, but this new company founded by singular directing talent Chris Milk and production vets Patrick-Milling Smith and Brian Carmody (also co-founders of Smuggler) has already proved to bring inventive and fascinating storytelling to the space.

Mr. Milk, whose early experiments in 360-degree filmmaking included Lincoln's "Hello Again," featuring Beck in concert, crafted the poetic "Evolution of Verse" and the moving "Clouds Over Sidra" documentary that followed a twelve-year-old girl in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

On the news front. Mr. Milk teamed with Spike Jonze and Vice News to immerse viewers in the Million Man March in New York City. The New York Times also tapped the company to turn a graffiti installation set to appear on its Sunday Times Magazine cover into a VR experience.

Director Guy Shelmerdine also dove into the medium to create a frighteningly good horror experience, Catatonic, in which viewers travel through an insane asylum as they sit in a real wheelchair rigged to respond to the events that unfold around them.

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