Production Company Standout 2015: 1st Ave Machine

Shop Can Easily Be Called M.C. Escher of Moving Pictures

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Ok Go: Writing's on the Wall
Ok Go: Writing's on the Wall

You might call 1st Ave Machine the M.C. Escher of moving pictures. Often inspiring questions like "How'd they do that," the company's diverse talents --which include designers, artists, sculptors and inventors-- are known for creating visually stimulating tales that aren't the usual effects-y fare, whether they're created in-camera, or with CG, animation or any combination of the above.

Among the Brooklyn-based company's notable projects were OK Go's video for "The Writing's on the Wall," which featured 20 different in-camera illusions, and the "birth" of a Lamborghini, directed by Allessandro Pacciani. The company also thought up multiple, dazzling interpretations of how music can transform your home, for 72andSunny and Sonos. Director Ben Steiger Levine crafted Samsung's charming, mind-boggling Christmas tale, which followed a girl's pursuit of her holiday stocking across 74 Samsung devices.

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