Production Company Standout 2015: Jam3

Digital Pros Delivered More Dynamite Work

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Orange: FutureSelf
Orange: FutureSelf

The digitally savvy crew that broke onto the scene during Sundance in 2012 with the brilliant interactive experience Bear 71 produced more dynamite work. Highlights included Publicis Conseil's fascinating, yet slightly disturbing FutureSelf campaign for Orange, which invites users to talk to, and see, their future selves. After you take a pic of yourself on your webcam, the site then uses aging simulation, facial and voice recognition and real-time 3D rendering to create a version of you twenty years from now, after which you can proceed to have a chat with the much older you about what life is like in 2034.

The company also teamed with Hudson Rouge on another facially-driven project, The Selfie Experiment, for Lincoln. The campaign leveraged a music algorithm and facial recognition tech to turn users' mugs into a song. Jam3 also teamed with Prettybird director Vania Heymann and Vice agency Virtue on the music video for moble provider Fido featuring Keys N Krates. The experience allowed users to become part of a GIF-filled film showing the band journeying toward them against a backdrop of various Canadian scenes, with a shot of themselves inserted toward the end.

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