Production Company Standout 2015: Landia

This Storyteller Has Quirky Bite

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Coca-Cola - Grandma
Coca-Cola - Grandma

This Argentina-headquartered production company, with offices in Buenos Aires, L.A., Sao Paulo, Mexico and Spain, has become a true global player thanks to its stellar productions that demonstrate sophisticated storytelling with a quirky, hilarious bite.

Notable spots include Scrabble's mixed-up love story that all comes together in the end, directed by creative-turned-director Rodridgo Saavedra, as well as heartwarming Coca-Cola ads, including the tale of a badass granny who defies expectations and jumps out of a plane, directed by Andy Fogwill for Cyranos McCann.

Maxi Blanco, the flame artist-turned director behind Coke's viral security camera ad revealing people's moments of goodness -- and went on to air during the Super Bowl, returned to shoot the brand's feel-good Christmas ad illustrating how folks can bring holiday sparkle to others, set to Jimmy Durante's "Make Someone Happy."

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