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Jeff Beckerman
C: What new gear/upgrades will you be anticipating coming out of NAB this year?

JB: Mostly upgrades or expanded versions of existing software/hardware. In our case, we have been beta testing Avid’s Symphony on Mac OS X and we just recently purchased a Discreet Flame running version 8.0.

C: What do these mean to you in terms of speed and what you can do image-wise?

JB: As far as Avid is concerned they have finally answered many of the users’ wants in showing that they are really supporting Mac. The Symphony is a great addition to our editing capabilities with the powerful exact color corrector as its PC counter part. On the Discreet side, Flame 8.0 is a huge upgrade to Flame’s capabilities. It finally offers true resolution independence, a 3-D tracker and a streamlined environment that is fast and intuitive.

C: How might you use this on a given project?

JB: I’ve already done a great deal of color correction on existing spots that just needed better color matching to newer footage. The Flame has allowed us to do composites, animation and importing of 3-D objects, which dramatically increases our capabilities in terms of time and creativity.

C: Anything else you’re especially interested in this year?

JB: The trend is to see how much more can be done in a desktop box using newer software and off-the-shelf hardware.

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