Production Company A-List 2015: Biscuit Filmworks

Powerful Talent Lineup Delivered Some of Year's Best Ads

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Perennial A-Lister Biscuit Filmworks had another outstanding year delivering some of the year's best ads from across its entire bench. Company newcomer Andreas Nilsson, the man behind Volvo's breakthrough Van Damme moment, "Epic Split," went on to direct more gut-busting episodes, including "Dadsong," Wieden & Kennedy's father-themed follow-up to Old Spice's "Momsong," Southern Comfort and W&K N.Y.'s "Spray Tan," starring a trio of dudes who gets their fake color on and GE's quirky, mixed-up ad, "Time Upon a Once."

Director Matt Dilmore also showed impressive range on Old Navy and CAA's uplifting back-to-school musical, as well as the Noah's Ark-inspired Super Bowl ad for Avocados From Mexico. He also made a giant pile of dirt really funny, in ads for Miracle Gro, out of Barton F. Graf 9000.

See the full Production Company A-List 2015
See the full Production Company A-List 2015

For AMV BBDO, Director Jeff Low introduced us to Tena's Silver Fox, a man who accomplishes unbelievable things because he doesn't have to worry about pee in his pants. He also ushered in the new romance between Heinz Ketchup and (new product) Heinz Mustard, who try to ignore the desperate attempts at reconciliation from jilted lover no-name mustard.

Aaron Stoller, a go-to director for working with big celebrity talent, shot Liev Schrieber as Ray Donovan in a spot for Time Warner Cable and helmed a sweet baby boom story for Hyundai and Innocean promoting the brand's World Cup sponsorship.

Christopher Riggert helmed Mophie's massive, apocalyptic Super Bowl ad via Deutsch L.A. showing what the world could come to if God ran out of battery power.

Clay Weiner was behind the camera on Audi's funny 50 Shades of Grey-themed elevator ad as well as the hilarious Sonic spot that revealed what really goes on in NBA star Kevin Durant's head when he's about to make a crucial shot.

Steve Rogers also steered some fine ads for W&K, including Southern Comfort's stylishly devilish "Shark Bite," and Nike's astounding tale of how far a sports idol's influence goes, in a golf ad starring Rory Kennedy and Tiger Woods.

Director Aaron Ruell, who first caught our eye years ago for his quirky comic sensibilities, has since developed a fine hand for weaving touching emotional tales, evident on a heartwarming holiday ad for Walmart. In it, a hardworking kid works tirelessly day and night to save up for something special -- when you find out for whom, it will bring a tear to your eye.

Co-founder Noam Murro remained in top form. He told the tale of those who were before their time for Dodge and Wieden & Kennedy. With BBDO New York, he followed up Guinness' emotional wheelchair basketball ad with another poignant story, "Empty Chair" and directed the endearing tale of a sad idea turned glorious, for GE.

The company saw a few departures, including that of A-Lister Tim Godsall, but it brought in fresh talent with The Friese Brothers, Gary Freedman and Matt Devine of The Glue Society, Oscar-nominated Director/Writer Ruairi Robinson and former W&K Art Director Ayse Altinok.

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