Production Company A-List 2015: Unit9

Shop's Skills Extend All the Way to VR

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William Hill: Get in the Race
William Hill: Get in the Race

Unit9 continued to uphold its reputation as a multiplatform, digital innovator, with expertise in multiple areas including this past year's current hot sector of virtual reality. In September 2014 it set up a dedicated VR unit and opened pop-up VR showcases to demonstrate technologies such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard to clients.

VR work included an experience in Berlin for Wrigley's-owned 5Gum, which immersed people in a world where all five senses were stimulated.

See the full Production Company A-List 2015
See the full Production Company A-List 2015

For Nissan Juke, it invited visitors to the Paris Motor Show to "Chase the Thrill" with a chance to become a rollerblading android chasing a Nissan Juke in a virtual city. Participants donned Oculus Rift headsets and mounted a treadmill.

Another prototype VR app, Get In the Race, for bookmaker William Hill, let users become the jockey in a virtual horserace using a smartphone and Google Cardboard, with data from GPS trackers on real horses.

Other cool interactive work included a branded interactive game for G-Shock where players tried to battle against zombie-related memory loss in a five-minute time frame.

It's not all about technological innovation at Unit9. Its directors also work on films, which will be the focus of its L.A. office. This year work included some highly successful viral spots, including two by Martin Stirling (who has now left Unit9). These were Greenpeace's "Everything is Not Awesome," a spoof of the Lego Movie by Don't Panic London which eventually led Lego to sever its ties with Shell, and Most Shocking Second a Day, for charity Save the Children, which saw a girl's life transformed, depressingly, second by second due to the war in Syria.

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