Creativity A-List: Wieden + Kennedy, London

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Wieden + Kennedy's London office was responsible for some creatively groundbreaking work in 2011 even if it wasn't the most stellar business year for the London shop. (Despite picking up new clients such as mobile brand Three and Stride Gum, it also lost some major accounts--Nokia to Inferno and Fallon, and The Guardian to BBH--and in August, laid off 10% of its staff.)

Notable projects included work for The Kaiser Chiefs, designed to take digital album downloads into a new dimension. The project allowed fans to create--and sell--their own bespoke versions of the new album, The Future Is Medieval, by picking 10 songs out of 20 and designing their own artwork before they download their album from the Kaiser Chiefs website.

The agency injected some more edgy humor into the Cravendale brand with spots like%u2018Cats with Thumbs%u2019--easily one of the best spots of the year--and "Milk me Brian," after laying rest to its quirkyCow, Pirate and Cyclist characters.

Its work for Lurpak continues to transform a humble commodity like butter into a gourmet ingredient with beautifully shot spots like "Kitchen Odyssey." This year, the agency's U.K. work for the Lurpak brand led to it being awarded the global business, for which it had lost out to Saatchi's in a previous pitch.

Creative for Honda also continues to impress; this year, it worked with B-Reel to created an HTML5 game for the Civic that pushes the boundaries of browser based gaming. It invites players to try to find the right combination for the new Civic's rear suspension, just like Honda engineers did. Another experimental project, "Off The Grid," invited users to take an exploratory journey in Google Streetview.

And finally out of all the many holiday/seasonal efforts Creativity received, W+K London's "Choir of You" was easily the best, with its super-fresh take on the head-replacement theme.

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