Creator of the Week: Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone

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The duo who helped change the face of candy adverting forever had a busy week.

First, the co-ECDs of Y&R New York followed up their much discussed Give it a Ponder TV campaign with an interactive element that let viewers get in on the beardy action. The Ponder Beard app on the Give it a Ponder site allows users to gradually gain a majestic facial tuft while they video chat with their friends. The site and spots are part of the agency's well-received anti-bullying campaign for LG, encouraging teens to "give it a ponder" before they text messages they – or others – will regret.

Next up, a new campaign for Virgin Atlantic that embraces the compulsive elitist in all of us – or all of those who prefer to fly well away from the unwashed hordes in economy. The new series of spots, directed by Jim Jenkins, revolves around a group of people who have a pathological fear of not flying VA Upper Class, including, for example, the silver fox who needs his beauty sleep and the guy who literally becomes his seat-mate.

Catch up on some classic Reichenthal and Vitrone (including the stupendous Nextel Dance Party, Skittles Trade and more, here)

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