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Snuggle "Swimpool Bliss"

Music Original track

Music Company Human, New York

Agency Lowe/New York

Chief Creative Officer Gary Goldsmith

Executive Creative Director Dean Hacohen

Creative Supervisors Bob Hinden, David Kaminsky

Copywriter Adam Fels

Art Director Shawn Kelly

Agency Producer John McAdorey

Production Company MJZ, Los Angeles

Director Marcus Nispel

Editorial Company Slingshot

A stunning original that sounds vintage

accompanies Euro-chic visuals from this suprisinglaundry product ad.


Visa Canada "Luggage"

Music Original track Music Company Groove Addicts

Composers Ran Pink, Gilad Ben-Amram

Agency Leo Burnett/ Toronto

Creative Director Judy John

Copywriters Sean Barlow, Josh Rachlis,

Judy John

Art Directors Frank Lepre, Paul Giannetta

Agency Producer Dena Thompson

Production Companies MJZ, Los Angeles New New Films, Toronto

Director Kuntz & Maguire

Director of Photography Stephen Keith Roach

Producer Geoff Cornish

Editorial Company Flashcut Editing, Toronto

Editor Mick Griffin

Visual Effects Spin Productions Inc.

Leo creatives stepped away from the demo for this Visa spot and opted for a new track from Groove Addicts - an exotic yet fun Latin-tinged vocal and trombone mix that sets the pace for a bag's big international adventure.


Kmart "Jimmy and Jenny"

Music Original track

Musical Artist Timbaland

Agency TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York

Creative Director Patrick O'Neill

Copywriter Daniel Chu

Art Director Joseph Mazzaferro

Agency Producer Lora Schulson

Production Company

Director Dave Meyers

Editorial Company Cosmo Street

Editor Chris Davis

Audio Post Production Sound Lounge

Leaving achingly hip urban arcana to others, TBWA chose the feel good route for this undies spot which reminds consumers that There's More to Life than Underwear. Hip-hop helmer Dave Myers works a Timbaland-produced track that sticks to the brief: create a dance-centric romp for Kmart, but don't forget, Joe Boxer is everyday people.


Mini "Carbonation"

Music Licensed track Music Company Natural Energy Lab/Stimmung

Song "Not Bad At All"

Musical Artist Steven MacDonald/Anna Waronker

Sound Designers Michael Anastasi,

Michael Baird

Sound Design Stimmung

Agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Miami

Executive Creative Director Alex Bogusky

Creative Director Andrew Keller

ACD/Copywriter Rob Strasberg

ACD/Art Director Tony Calcao

Agency Producer Oscar Thomas

Production Company Bedford Falls

Director Warren Kushner

Director of Photography Warren Kushner

Executive Producer Nancy Fishelson

Producer Marc Hyatt

Editorial Company Jigsaw, Santa Monica

Editor Adam Parker

Visual Effects Blackbox 1

Agency Music Supervisor Bill Meadows

Music Supervisor Liza Richardson

Ex-Red Kross frontman serves up the consummate Motoring tune for Mini (see story).


Nike Presto "Uptown Digital"

Music Original track

Musical Artist DJ Uppercut

Agency Wieden + Kennedy/ Tokyo

Creative Directors John Jay, Sumiko Sato

Copywriter Barton Crley

Art Director Eric Cruz

Agency Producer Kenji Tanaka

Production Company Motion Theory, Venice

Graffiti Artists David Ellis, Sasu, Frek

Director Mathew Cullen/Eric Cruz

Director of Photography Roman Jakobi

Editors Mark Hoffman, Jutta Reichardt

What is the sound of graffitti coming to life? W+K/Tokyo went to Japan's DJ Uppercut for the answer, which turned out to be an unclassifiable hybrid of hip hop and electronica (see story).


Coors Light

"Rock On"

Music Mix of licensed tracks

Music Company DeepMix, Hollywood

Musical Artists P.O.D.; Run DMC; Scorpions; the Byrds

Agency FCB/Chicago

Executive Creative Director Tom O'Keefe

Group Creative Director Chuck Rudnick

Copywriter Tom O'Keefe

Art Director Matt Reinhard

Agency Producer Steve Neely

Production Company A Band Apart, Los Angeles

Director Wayne Isham

Editorial Company Rock Paper Scissors

FCB and Deepmix run roughshod over musical eras and classifications in this homage to rock and beer-fueled tomfoolery (see story).


VW "Squares"

Music Original track

Musical Artist J Ralph

Agency Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Chief Creative Officer Ron Lawner

Group Creative Director Alan Pafenbach

Copywriter Tim Gillingham

Art Director Kevin Dailor

Agency Producer Keith Dezen

Production Company Anonymous Content,

Culver City

Director Malcolm Venville

Director of Photograph: Eric Treml

Producer Shelly Townsend

Editorial Company Bug Editorial

Editor Andre Betz

Musician J Ralph returns for VW, with a track that conveys the repetition and claustrophobic angst of a world of squares.


Hummer H2 "Big Race"

Music: Licensed track: "Happy Jack"

Musical Artist: the Who

Sound Design: Lost Planet Editorial

Agency: Modernista, Boston

Creative Directors: Lance Jensen, Will Uronis, Gary Koepke, Shane Hutton

Copywriters: Lance Jensen, Shane Hutton

Art Directors: Will Uronis, Gary Koepke

Agency Producer: Jill Andresevic

Production Company: Independent Media

Director: Scott Hicks

Director of Photography: Bruno Delbonnel

Editorial Company: Lost Planet Editorial

Editor: Hank Corwin

Special Effects: The Mill/New York

The Who's "Happy Jack" provides the perfect musical backdrop to this Rushmore-esque tale of rugged individualism.


Levi's "Car"

Song "Crazy Beats"

Musical Artist Blur

Agency BBH/New York

Executive Creative Director Kevin McKeon

Group Creative Director Thomas Hayo

Copywriter Anthony Goldstein

Art Director Gavin Lester

Agency Producers Zarina Mak, Bruce Wellington

Production Company Partizan

Director Traktor

Editorial Company Peepshow, London

Editor Andrea MacArthur

The Fatboy Slim-produced Blur track is a noisy, old-style guitar bustup, perfectly in keeping with the spot's fine blend of heritage and hip.


Nike "Battle"

Music Original track

Musical Artist Neptunes

Agency Wieden + Kenned/Portland

CD/Art Director Hal Curtis

Copywriter Jimmy Smith

Agency Producer Vic Palumbo

Production Company HSI Productions

Director Paul Hunter

Editorial Company Rock Paper Scissors

Editor Adam Pertofsky

This follow-up to the celebrated "Freestyle" employs the same compelling basketball and beats choreography, but this time the action is on the street and the Neptunes provide the appropriate accompaniment.

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