Nick Gill, Art Director/Copywriter, BBH/London

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What was the creative mandate behind the work?

The mandate, as such, was to produce a powerful, memorable campaign that launched Lynx 24/7 globally. The brief, as I remember it, was about "Lynx 24/7: It works 24 hours a day, so it's ready when you are."

What was your inspiration?

There wasn't really any inspiration behind the writing of it. But once the script was written, a lot of work went into how we were going to make it. We wanted the script to have an optimistic, magical feel, like a kind of urban fairy tale. We also wanted to present seduction in a very positive light. Just for starters, we decided to cast two equally beautiful people, as opposed to the classic geek and supermodel. This removed any predatory aspect of the seduction and stopped the ad from being purely cynical. We also went to great lengths to make a physically optimistic film; the whole thing feels very light and spacious. This is partly due to the beautiful cinematography and partly to how we placed our couple in the frame. Ringan Ledwidge, our director, brought in a clip from a Jim Jarmusch film of two young punks walking past a building, and I loved it. The camera was across the street and the two figures looked kind of simple and innocent against this big backdrop of concrete. We tried to find Cape Town locations that captured the same feeling, like the motorway and the haulage yard. Our two kids look incredibly innocent as they wander through these big concrete spaces, aware of nothing but each other. Finally, of course, the music was incredibly important to this film. We tried hundreds of tracks against the cut but nothing captured the fairy tale magic like this naive version of "Over the Rainbow."

Why do you think it has been successful?

People find the storyline very rewarding. Ringan and I talked about it like three acts of a feature film. Act 1 is the familiar scene of a couple waking up in bed to find their clothes strewn all over the house, culminating in a rug-pull as we realize that these discarded clothes stretch beyond the front door. Act 2 is their increasingly bizarre journey across town as they retrieve their clothes from all kinds of strange places. And Act 3 is hopefully a very satisfying conclusion, as we realize that this couple met only hours ago in a supermarket aisle. There is an unashamed sense of sunny optimism about it.

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