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100 Leading National Advertisers is Ad Age's annual ranking of the 100 largest U.S. advertising spenders.

Ad Age on June 24, 2013, published the 58th annual 100 Leading National Advertisers report online and in print.

This online version includes Marketer Trees, a database showing extensive and exclusive content—company profiles, brands, agency assignments, executives and estimated ad spending.


Explore database of the 100 Leading National Advertisers
Featuring U.S. ad spending, division sales, personnel, brands and agencies.
Updated in June 2013 for 100 Leading National Advertisers 2013.

100 Leading National Advertisers
Ranking of the 100 largest U.S. advertisers in 2012.

Top 200 Megabrands | A graphic view of the top 25
Most-advertised brands by U.S. measured-media spending in 2012.

Big U.S. Advertisers Boost 2012 Spending By Slim 2.8% With a Lift From Tech
Google, Amazon Each Pump $2 Billion Into Global Ads And Promotion
Analysis by Bradley Johnson

Leading National Advertisers That Have Split
From AbbVie to Zoetis
Analysis by Bradley Johnson

Top 10 Fastest Growing Ad Spenders In 2012 From Samsung to T-Mobile
Samsung Boosted Spending Nearly 58% As It Took On Apple.

Automakers Like Video, But Still Pour Gas On TV For Big Product Launches
Honda Recorded The Biggest Annual Gain In Spending, 29%
By Ryan Beene

Sprint, T-Mobile to Spend Big in Pursuit of Verizon, AT&T
Nos. 3 And 4 Wireless Carriers Are Expected to Boost Ad Spending to Gain Share. But Customers Resist Switching.
By John McDermott

P&G Slashed Beauty Ad Spending In 2012, But Cleaned Up In Household Products
What Happened? Sales of Personal Care Items Dropped While Laundry Flourished.
By Jack Neff

Retail, restaurants, insurance, pharmaceuticals, beverages and beer
More U.S. Marketing Leaders

Total U.S. Measured-Media Advertising Spending by Medium
Measured-media spending from Kantar Media by medium for 2012.

U.S. Major-Media and Marketing-Services Spending Forecasts
ZenithOptimedia's U.S. spending predictions for 2013 and 2014.

Total U.S. Measured-Media Advertising Spending by Category
Media spending totals from Kantar Media by category for 2012.

10 Largest Advertisers in Nine Media
Top spenders from broadcast TV networks, cable TV networks, spot TV, syndicated TV, magazine, newspaper, internet display, radio and outdoor based on measured media from Kantar Media.

Report Methodology
How Ad Age compiled this report.

Leading National Advertisers Archive
1997 to present.

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