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An Annual Report Published April 22, 2002
The charts featuring comprehensive rankings of the largest ad agencies in the world.

Profiles of the World's Top 30 Marketing Organizations (a PDF file)

• Annual Industry Overview
2002 Agency Income Report
By Craig Endicott

Agency Market Share Pie Chart (a PDF file)
By Share of $39.28 Billion Worldwide Gross Income

Biggest agency companies, worldwide agencies and U.S. agencies. Largest agencies in CRM/direct marketing, digital and other disciplines.

Agency Report: World's top 100 Ad Organizations in 2001
Top U.S.-based Agency Networks
U.S. Agency Brands Ranked by Gross Income
Alphabetical Index to U.S. Agency Brand Ranking
World's Top Agency Brands
Top U.S. Cities by Billings
Top Foreign Cities by Billings
Top 15 Healthcare Agencies
Ten-year Gross Income and Billings Review
Top 15 U.S. PR Companies
Multicultural agency rankings
Top Media Specialist Cos.
Top Media Specialist Cos. by Medium

The Interactive (Digital) Agency ranking was published May 24, 2002.

Industry Analysis: Digital Agencies
Cost-cutting, Layoffs, Office Closings Were 2001 Strategies
By Mark Schumann

Top 200 Interactive Agencies

The Marketing Services (direct and promotions) Agency ranking was published May 20, 2002.

Industry Analysis: Marketing Services Agencies
By Kenneth Wylie

Top marketing services agencies


Agency Report Archive
1998 to present.

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